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Session Tips

Senior Session Tips:



BE YOU! So...if the following tips don't fit into any of these suggestions, no worries. This is for those who need some extra direction. 

Avoid stripes, plaids, and very large patterns. Solids and small prints & patterns photograph better. Bring a variety of outfits such as different colors, styles, and dress levels. Bring one or two Mom likes and some that you love. Its better to bring too many than not enough.

Ideas? Don't forget long sleeves! How about a solid dark top and don't forget to bring an outfit for your Pristine portrait shot (white on white). Bring a timeless outfits that shows your unique style. Also, bring your prom dresses, hats, scarves, boots, heels, or your school gear.

Make sure your clothing fits well. This goes for both guys and girls. Baggy clothes will make you look larger and so will clothing that is too tight. Sleeveless styles, while popular, can make your arms look bigger so choose wisely. Don't wear cap sleeves! Again, remember long sleeves...

Bring all the items you need for each outfit. Shoes, belt, jewelry, and for the girls...proper undergarments including strapless bras if needed. Bring outfits ironed and on hangers. Wrinkles show in photographs!

Usually there is not a place to change when on location aside from my SUV. Girls may want to consider a tank underclothing to help with changing situations. Also a good idea is to wear a pair of form fitting shorts (like cheerleading shorts) to wear under skirts or dresses. It makes some poses much easier and more comfortable for you. BRING STILETTO HEELS LADIES! These are shoes with the skinny heels. They can be open toed or closed toed. These heels make your legs smokin hot and gives the photographs a much more high class feel. Please, no chunky heels ladies! Flats are great too.



Your nails will show. For both guys and girls, make sure your nails are clean and manicured. You don't need to go out and spend big $$ on nails. Just make sure they are filed, cuticles are taken care of, and neatly polished. (In neutral colors if desired)

Most girls love the barefoot casual shots, so keep your toenails in top shape and avoid brightly or unusual colored nail polish.



Make-up should look natural. Apply it as if you were going on a date or to the prom. If you don't wear make-up at all, please consider a light coat of mascara, a little blush, and some lip gloss. I promise you will still look like yourself. While I can easily retouch things like blemishes, poor make-up choices CANNOT be fixed. Please have your make-up on and ready to go when you arrive. You will also need to bring powder for shine, lip glosses, or lipstick, and any other make-up touchups.



When choosing a foundation color, make sure it matches your skin tone. It should be used to even out your skin, not to make it darker or lighter than it is. Many girls try to look darker by using too dark of a foundation color or by applying bronzers all over the face. There is no hiding the fact that your face is a different color than your neck or chest. It should be blended well around the hairline or jawline.



Beautiful lips are one of the most important aspects of a great senior picture. Please don't forget to bring something for your lips such as lipstick, chapstick, or better yet LIPGLOSS! Lipgloss with color is the perfect choice. Just don't choose a color lighter than your lips as it will not photograph well.



Mascara is a must even if you don't wear makeup on a regular basis. Try putting on several light coats instead of one heavy coat. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle your mascara wand upward to coat your lashes. You don' t want clumps showing up in your photos since your eyes are the focus. Try curling your lashes if you don't already. Its easy. An eyelash curler is very inexpensive and can make a difference. Curl them for 5 seconds. Then put your first coat of mascara on. Oh, and eyeliner. Make sure you soften the line of your eyeliner around the eyes to avoid making your eyes appear smaller.



Make sure your blush is well blended and subtle. Blush should be applied to the apple of the cheek and blended well towards the hairline.



Make sure they are in good shape. Consider eyebrow gel if you have a few crazy hairs that won't stay in place. You can also spritz a very small amount of hairspray on your fingertips to keep them in place. If you have any sparse sections in your eyebrows, practice filling in that area with an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than your eyebrow color. It works perfectly and blends much better than a pencil. Use a thin, slanted brush for the best results.



Don't try anything new with your hair right before your session. This means color or cut, and goes for both guys and girls. One to two weeks before, depending on how fast your hair grows, is about right. Girls, please remember to bring a comb or brush & any hair products you may need. Hairspray can be very helpful for those stray hairs that won't stay down.



Both guys and girls, make sure you shave the day of your session. Girls, be careful with the deodorant. We all know how it can get on your clothes and show if you raise your arms in a tank or prom dress.



Almost all glasses glare. Most optometrists will remove your lenses for you if you are not comfortable doing that. Many will also loan you a pair of look-a-like frames for your session. Just ask.


Tanning & Sunburns:

Tans photograph well, sunburns do not. Avoid too deep a tan for your skin type. Too deep will make your face look fuller and your skin will have a flat, dull appearance. If you are sun burned or peeling, you will need to reschedule your session. Please avoid trying to get some last minute sun, either naturally or from a tanning bed. You also need to be careful with self tanners or spray on tans. I don't want to see streaky orange girls since I cannot retouch the results of poor application. Girls, be wary of your tan lines if you plan on wearing tanks or strapless styles. Guys, avoid ball cap lines on foreheads and the tell tale new haircut lines.



Bring them! Sports gear (balls, uniforms, football pads, medals, running shoes), instruments, cars, motorcycles, scarves, fun hats, pets, your hobby, and yes even friends! Make sure everything is clean. If you can see it, so can the camera.



I don't dictate this area. Outdoor sessions need to be earlier in the a.m. (no later than 9am start) or later in the day (3pm on). That high mid-day sun is a total no-no. An overcast day is fine since clouds can be a photographers friend. If its raining, we can photograph studio shots and reschedule outside ones.



1. Bring enough clothing & follow the rules.

2. Flawless make-up applied & make-up bag packed to be brought with you.

3. Clean nails, shoes, shave, and ironed clothing.

4. You're not bright red from tanning or a ballgame.

5. You remembered your uniform, jewelry, or props.

6. Take lenses out of glasses for no glare or bring kit to take them out with you.

7. Arrive on location on time and ready to have fun!



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