crafted by photobiz




Items to choose from: 8 wallets, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7, or 8x10

odd sizes: 5x10 or 8x12 add $5


Package three: two pose

Any three items above $58


Package five: three pose

Any five items above $99


Package eight: five pose

Any eight items above $150


Package eleven: seven pose

Any eleven items above $205


Package fifteen: nine pose

Any fifteen items above $275


Package eighteen: eleven pose

Any eighteen items above $355


**NEW** No hassle package! ANY POSE, 15 prints $375


Any clients total over $150 will get a complimentary FACEBOOK timeline. WOW!!


Additional pricing:


single prints:

8 wallets $20, 4x6 $20, 5x5 $25, 5x7 $25, 8x10 $32, 8x12 $37, 11x14 $52, 12x12 $55, 16x20 $75, 10x30 $75, 20x24 $105, 20x30 $85, 30x10 $85, $30x30 $155


Custom Montages: (like a collage but cooler sounding)

11x14 $65 up to 3 images, 16x20 $95 up to 5 images, 20x24 $130 up to 7 images, 10x30 $90 up to 5 images, 30x30 $165 up to 13 images, 20x30 $120 up to 11 images, and 20x20 $105 up to 9 images.


Image Box: Contains 15 of your edited images in a keepsake album-styled box with your choice of custom cover. Each image is a 5x7 print.$350


Accordion mini brag albums:

Square 3x3 or wallet size 2.5x3.5.

2 for $99. (Keep one, share one, show one) 3 for $125

Holds 10 to 21 images depending on design templates used.


Social Media Disc:

CD of all images with my watermark for use on FACEBOOK and sharing through emails. (Watermark must be intact) $75. These CANNOT be printed and this is not a copyright release or print release of any kind. Must have an order minimum of $200 to be able to purchase CD.


Albums: Include ALL edited images.

5x5 $195

8x8 $290

81/2 x 11 $350

10x10 $425

12x12 $495

include beautiful custom dust cover for $30


CANVAS GALLERY WRAPS (my favorite way to display!!) Ready to hang.


5x7 $30

6x6 $35

8X10 $65

10x10 $105

11x14 $115

12x12 $130

16x20 $145

12X36 $205

20X24 $205

20X30 $295

30x30 $330



12 month wall calendar with 15 images plus cover image $125

8x10 single print calendar with one image and one name $35


Ask about my photo jewelry, premium wall art, custom framing, and fun extras such as water bottles, notepads, calendars, and dry erase boards


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